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Menlo Partners LLP is a merchant investment and advisory company with four areas of specialisation:


Completing early-stage venture capital investments in differentiated opportunities with a particular emphasis on mobile, big data, cybersecurity, cloud, digital service delivery and social communications.


The development of niche retailing concepts, products and services utilising East Asian design and manufacturing expertise.


The provision of consultancy and related services principally through a board or representative appointment.


Ability to facilitate introductions to a well-established network of UK and Asian based strategic, legal and corporate advisers in relation to fundraising, listings, mergers and acquisitions.



Type of Opportunity: We invest in private early-stage (pre-series A) unlisted companies and help prepare them for further institutional investment. We understand the investment process and what it takes to secure funds. Unlike many advisory and consultancy companies, we have direct experience of technology investment and development in the UK and international markets such as North America (USA and Canada) and East Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong SAR and China). Our experience includes establishing, managing and developing subsidiary companies in international markets as well as completing acquisitions.

Funds for investment: We typically invest are own funds up to £500k (US$650k) in early-stage pre-series A technology companies. We are seeking investments which are differentiated, capable of expanding internationally with strong recurring revenues and led by an experienced management team. Menlo Partners has significant experience of serving as a Non-executive Chairman, Non-executive Director and Advisor to unlisted and listed companies, with a particular emphasis on companies involved in the technology sector.

Areas of particular investment interests include: Mobile – access to broadband connectivity from a range of devices, networks, operating systems and applications; Big Data  harnessing structured and unstructured data from internet-connected systems and devices; Cybersecurity – systems and processes offering protection from cyber-risk, attack, crime and terrorism caused by increased reliance on personal and professional digital services and data; Cloud – internet based technology resources, such as software applications, computing power and data storage, provided remotely as a service; Digital Service Delivery – new technologies used to provide online, interactive, self-service, business processes, software and services and; Social – technologies that support social interaction and are enabled by communications technology such as the internet.



Focus: Assisting with the development of products and services utilising East Asian design and manufacturing expertise.

We work with UK companies seeking to identify strategic commercial partnerships and assist, for example, in establishing direct manufacturing and joint strategic ventures.  Our expertise embraces sourcing, quality inspection, packaging and logistics. We also are capable of providing assistance to East Asian companies seeking strategic commercial partnerships in the UK.


Internationalisation: Menlo Partners provides consultancy and related services to UK corporate clients, seeking to access East Asian markets such as Singapore, Hong Kong SAR and China. 

Potential clients are able to seek advice in relation to market dynamics, regional trends and potential joint venture or third-party distributors. Appointments may be through a formal board appointment or representative agreement. We can also introduce new products and sales initiatives to our clients to increase and enhance international revenues and growth.

Advisory Appointments


Advisory appointments: With our knowledge of direct investment and a wide commercial and advisory network in these leading markets, Menlo Partners is a proven and experienced advisor to UK companies seeking to expand in East Asia.

We have the ability to facilitate introductions to a well-established network of UK and Asian based strategic, legal and corporate advisers, including advice relating to fund-raisings, listings, mergers and acquisitions, across a wide range of sectors from minerals to tech, property to media, digital to traditional engineering, banking and finance to agriculture, oil & gas and new energy including companies providing clean technology products and services.